Realistic doll during the pandemic

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The realistic sex doll is a beautiful alternative for de-stressing sexually in the face of the pandemic. With social distancing and hygiene being the only safety measure in combating the spread of the virus, a realistic doll can inevitability become your loyal companion. Here are some reasons why you should go for a synthetic partner.


Real life booties

The doll is made up of the most advanced elastomer which has the ability to mimic human skin, in terms of texture and feel. The platinum TPE material and silicone are quite in use in the medical industry because of their hypoallergenic properties. Hence the  realistic sex doll made of these polymers are not only safe for intimate use but also boast of a human skin like texture that is both warm and soft to feel. The silicone tunnels are realistically carved just like those of their human counterparts, making the experience very close to the real thing. No wonder many doll owners admit that their doll acts as a stress buster.


Free customization

Doll companies use the latest AI technology for designing personalized dolls for its customers. You can customize your love doll as per your whims and fancies. The companies receive strange request like one doll owner had a strange fetish and designed the dolls with six toes and fingers, while another ordered a mini sex doll with extra large tits. He admitted that always had a craving for midget sex which was impossible to meet in real life but he can now live his fantasy every day of his life. Some customize the dolls to look like their latest crush, to look like their favorite porn star or the girl next door while some after their lost love.Though the older generation may dislike the idea of realistic sex dolls but it can surely heal every lonely heart and ensure overall wellness.


AI features

With the integration of the latest AI features like touch and sound technology, the cheap sex doll is more compatible in your hectic lifestyle than ever. The heat technology keeps the doll warm just like the human body while the touch sound technology enables the doll to converse and make orgasmic cries just like how real wife react during foreplay. The AI ​​sensors under the skin makes the doll react, enhancing the overall experience and thus many doll owners admit that they draw more satisfaction than real partners. Actually, the real reason for such appreciation towards the doll is because there is no performance stress nor there is fear of being judged by the doll. It is a smooth intercourse where your pleasure quotient is a driving factor.

 With physical distancing rules in place, it is utmost important to avoid new relationship and till then a cheap sex doll can become your next-gf.

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